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The #amordelbueno project has been promoted through the Andalusian Regional Government's State Pact against Gender Violence with the aim of making young people aware that there are many socially accepted perceptions that are part of toxic relationships in couples.



The aim of #amordelbueno is "to promote healthy relationships where love and respect for ourselves and our partners are the key to creating good love".

To this end, we conducted interviews with young people and collected their reflections on love, their gender identities, what they consider to be healthy relationships and, conversely, what should never be expected and allowed in a couple or social relationship.

They also raise how we should position ourselves and understand the boundaries to end toxic relationships based on violence, as well as the structural gender-based violence present in society.

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Our aim is to reach out to young people and raise awareness about this important issue. The different videos made within the #amordelbueno project will be broadcasted through the social networks in order to reach a young audience and speak in their language. I hope to make a positive difference in the lives of young people and help create healthier relationships based on love and respect.


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